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KCurve will improve the flow of information through your organization and make your users more productive. Our experience and expertise insure your success.

KCurve specializes in taxonomy and metadata development for Intranet sites. Our proven methodology incorporates user experience theory and practice.

Our content organization and information architecture strategies insure that users quickly find information that they need.

We understand the challenges associated with implementing enterprise initiatives, and we work with our clients to anticipate and manage change.

We help you select best practice technologies, for managing, searching and finding your content.


January 16, 2007
Hello and welcome. My name is Marcia Morante, and I founded KCurve in 2001 when the chances for consulting startup success were practically zero. Lots of very talented people were out of work (remember the dot com bust) and going into business for themselves. Cut to seven years later...

Happy New Year
January 16, 2007
It's 2008, and I'm celebrating the New Year with a re-designed Web site. I've been working with a very patient designer for way too long, and even though I didn't devote as much sustained energy to the project as it deserved, she was always gracious. The good news is that KCurve has been super busy with many new clients and interesting projects. The better news is that the long overdue site change is finally accomplished.

January 16, 2007
I've resolved to use this space to call your attention to the news and happenings in the content architecture and content management worlds that are important to me. It will not be comprehensive in any way, but I'll try to keep it interesting. Stay tuned.

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